Impact Statements

Curious to know how much of an impact your gift through the CFC could have? Select your cause area and your gift amount below to find out! Or click through to see the list all at once.


Covers one month of preventative medication for a cat or dog.

Supplies one month of food for 20 foster dogs.

Cares for eight rescued farm animals for one month.

Sponsors drawing materials for 56 students for one trimester. 

Supplies four students with music books and stands.

Delivers popular literature books to thousands of people who would otherwise not have reading material.

Funds new recipes for delicious, healthy school meals.

Gifts two families with flocks of chicks, providing a source of nutrition and income for years to come.

Feeds a family of five with 12 hot meals.

Sponsors a voter registration drive for two hours.

Equips activists with tools and training to spread the word on human rights and justice.

Pays for nine prisoners to embark on an 8-week rehabilitation program.

Trains an individual with a 25-week college certificate in business planning.

Supplies a family with 30 seedlings to grow their own fruit trees.

Funds an educational grant to send a refugee child to school for four months.

Funds almost an hour of lab use for a scientist researching cures for age-related diseases.

Sponsors nearly three days of clinical trials for one cancer patient.

Supplies electricity for nearly two weeks in a field lab researching vaccines.

Allows 30 students to receive educational instruction for a month in a developing country.

Tutors three students for an afternoon.

Supports a STEM outreach program in an underserved community.

Welcomes deployed soldiers home with banners and flags.

Assists a veteran with one month of food and medication for a therapy dog.

Staffs a homeless veterans assistance help line for one day.

Starts a home library with 10 new books for a child in need.

Sponsors a year of indoor soccer for a refugee child.

Funds a month and a half of development activities and tutoring for orphaned children.

Trains eight people in disaster preparedness.

Sends three people to a sexual assault prevention program.

Equips emergency responders with an emergency kit.

Covers one day of lodging expenses for a child undergoing cancer treatment.

Funds two life-changing cataract surgeries in a developing country.

Supplies hygiene kits to four families in need.

Shelters and cares for a homeless individual for a night.

Purchases two door locks for a family in need of a safe, affordable home.

Purchases wood, paint, and nails to build a home.

Trains a team on a college campus to organize an interfaith youth service.

Gifts a religious book filled with colorful illustrations to 100 children.

Supplies a religious leader in a developing country with a bike to visit and educate the community about his/her faith.

Removes two and a half tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Plants 24 trees.

Supplies 16 water testing kits for clean oceans.

Equips a preschool to help victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Funds a treatment course to heal emotional wounds from terrorism and mass violence in a developing country.

Provides psychological counseling for a woman after surgery in a developing country.